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Eppogran Cleaning Instructions

Eppogran is a very tough, resilient epoxy resin floor. For the performance characteristics of the floor to be maintained it is very important an appropriate cleaning regime is established.

Floor cleaning should be considered as having two elements, the first being a chemical component and the second being mechanical.

The chemical component, a cleaning solution which will dissolve or emulsify the soil or contamination present, following which the mechanical element is applied to the floor with a scrubbing motion, either by hand or where space permits by a mechanical floor scrubbing machine.

Once this has taken place the removal of the dirt and rinsing the floor is the key to successful maintenance. It is essential that clean water is used for rinsing.

The following is a step-by-step method, which will maintain your Storvite floor in good condition:

  1. Sweep floor to remove loose debris and accumulation of soil
  2. Use the appropriate cleaning agent - detergent, deodoriser, degreaser, emulsifier.
  3. Apply cleaning agent, diluted as per the manufacturer's instructions and leave for a few minutes to allow it to react on the surface.
  4. Agitate by hand using a stiff brush.
  5. Flood with clean water and scrub.
  6. Remove dirty water with wet vacuum or squeegee.
  7. Dispose of contaminated water whilst paying special attention to By-law Regulations prohibiting the introduction of certain chemicals and solvents into surface water drains and sewer systems.

Over 300,000 cleaners daily in the UK still use a mop and bucket.

This should be the cleaning method for dealing with spillages, but is not for routinely cleaning the floor. In normal everyday usage the mop and bucket may remove heavy soiling but often the water is changed infrequently with the result that the floor is usually wiped with dirty water and a film of dirt spread uniformly across the floor.

It is very important that the cleaning chemicals are diluted as per the manufacturer's guidelines, some materials will have an adverse effect on the floor if used in the wrong concentration, giving rise to etching, softening or other damage to the surface or body of the finish.

Anionic cleaners are most suitable for detergency and general cleaning. Storvite floor cleaner can be supplied ready to use in a 500ml trigger spray or undiluted in 5 litre cans. This has been developed specially for the product and will not cause any long-term degradation.

Bleach is not recommended for the cleaning of Eppogran as it will cause the colour to fade after a period of prolonged use.

Storvite will not be held responsible for incorrect cleaning procedures resulting in damage to the floor.

View Eppogran Quartz cleaning instructions in PDF format View Eppogran Quartz Cleaning Instructions in PDF format(306Kb)

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