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Eppogran® Quartz Description

Eppogran Quartz is a multi coloured mottled effect epoxy floor screed produced by the combination of clear epoxy resins, pigmented quartz aggregates, granulated fillers and powders. It is available in six standard colour mixes but other combinations can be formulated by request.


Clear epoxy resin, cyclo aliphatic amines, combined with graded coloured quartz aggregates, granulated fillers and powder. Available only from Storvite.


Multi-coloured mottled effect with a slip resistant finish..


Eppogran Quartz exhibits the highest order of abrasive resistance and is extremely hard wearing. Resistant to most chemicals and commercial contaminants, with a typical life span of 15 years, under normal conditions.


Generally laid between 4-6mm.


Eppogran Quartz is designed as a long life, low maintenance flooring in lift cars.

Storvite has developed this decorative range over the past 30 years exclusively for this function. The floor is completely impervious to water and uric acid, prolonging the life of the lift car by minimising rotting of the walls and sub-floor.

The Eppogran, when combined with the Eppotac primer can be homogenously skirt coved, ensuring a completely watertight floor. When used in conjunction with Eppotac primer, Eppogran Quartz will adhere well to both wood and metal lift car sub-floors.

Sub-Floor Preparation

To be assured of maximum adhesion the sub-floor must be clean and free from contaminants. The floor must be of a sturdy construction and ideally manufactured from 25mm plywood for maximum adhesion.

Application Conditions

Due to the nature of the epoxy resins they should be applied between 5°C - 30°C ambient temperature for optimum results.


It is essential that Eppotac primer is used before the Eppogran is laid. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it provides a tacky surface for the Eppogran to adhere to and secondly, it fully seals the sub-floor, adding another degree of water resistance. For skirt coving special TX powder is added to the Eppotac.


Eppogran Quartz is a three-pack product. Firstly, the resin and hardener are combined and thoroughly mixed, to this the quartz aggregate and fillers are added. Mixing can either be carried out manually or with the use of a rotary drum mixer to form a consistent mortar. Eppogran has a pot life of 20-30 minutes, dependent on ambient temperature.

Application Technique

This product is laid in accordance with BS 8204-6 Type 6. Eppogran Quartz should be laid directly onto uncured wet Eppotac primer. The mortar is spread to an even thickness and the surface closed using a steel float.


This product does not require the surface sealing after laying. When fully cured the floor is completely sealed throughout, making the floor almost maintenance free, with no need for periodic resealing.


Eppogran Quartz can be maintained to its original condition providing contamination is not allowed to build up and the floor is regularly scrubbed using proprietary cleaners. Please see separate cleaning data sheet for more information.

Cure Schedule at 20°C

Pot life once mixed 25 minutes
Initial set 8-10 hours
Full cure 24 hours

The floor should always be checked by a competent person to ensure the new floor has fully cured before the lift is reinstated.

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